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About NSCS

Founded in 1936, the North Shore Choral Society is the oldest choral organization on Chicago's North Shore.

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  • Background

  • Leaders

    Except for the Music Director, Assistant Conductor, Accompanist, and General Manager, the leaders of the North Shore Choral Society are all volunteers.  A nominating committee identifies a slate of leaders willing to serve for the upcoming season.  The members of the Choral Society elect the Board of Directors at a business meeting held in the spring.

  • NSCS Policies
    Information about public policies of the North Shore Choral Society.
  • Financial Disclosures

    This category contains articles about the finances of the Choral Society, for disclosure to members and to the general public.

  • Becoming a Member

    Information about the responsibilities of membership, how to become a member, and special membership programs.