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  1. Changes completed befure September 16, 2006
    1. Changes made October 9, 2005
      1. Update rehearsal schedule
      2. Reset hit counter to 0. Was 2962 from 3/27/2005 - 10/9/2005
    2. Changes made August 2005
      1. Enter concert information for 05-06 season
      2. Upload and link to new Membership Brochure
      3. Upload and link to new Season Concert Brochure
    3. Changes implemented June 25, 2005
      1. Added concert information for 2005-2006 season
      2. Added temporary program notes using material from the soon-to-be-issued members' brochure
      3. Added links to Northbrook Symphony Orchestra Web Site.
      4. Requested new password from Classical Studio Web Site so we can change our contact information.
      5. Updated our management team on the about.html page using information in the May 3 Blue Notes.
    4. Changes implemented March 31-April 10
      1. Made numerous changes to accomodate auction processing and item listing.
      2. Placed a calendar on the members page.
    5. Changes implemented March 27-30,2005
      1. Added hits counter
        1. Changed index.html to automatcially link to index.php
        2. Created new index.php that contains the hit counter
        3. Added table 'hits' to the NSCS database
      2. Updated members page to point to cyberbass Beethoven (removed Haydn links)
      3. Update index.php to show the new concert
      4. Update Auction Menu to show data entry for items and donors is now closed.
    6. Change implemented March 15, 2005
      1. Removed links to print or email ticket order form. (tickets.php and index.html)
    7. Changes completed January 27, 2005
      1. R00100 Installed the rest of the Auction System
    8. Changes completed January 15,2005
      1. R00099 Installed Donor Management part of Auction System
    9. Change completed January 11, 2005
      R00098 Built database for Auction System
    10. Changes completed December 6, 2004
      1. Changed scroll message for March 13 concert.
      2. Removed "ad" for December 5 concert poster form page 1.
    11. Changes compleed November 26. 2004 (and earlier)
      1. Add program sponsors to the sponsors page
      2. R0090 Cleaned up the format on the sponsor page
      3. Posted weekly Blue Notes
      4. R0097 Posted program for fall concert
      5. R0096 Checked out all links in all menus. Some bluenotes were pointing to last years concerts.
    12. Changes completed November 1, 2004
      1. Added notes for fall concert.
      2. Added Blue Notes.
    13. Changes completed October 20, 2004
      1. Added Blue Notes
      2. Changed about page for better font and added new pictures
    14. Changes as of October 3, 2004
      1. Change wording from benefit "concert" to "event" on index.html and top2004.html
    15. Changes as of September 29, 2004
      1. R0095. Changed names of concerts to match brochure (using email from Len)
    16. Changes as of September 27, 2004
      1. Added the latest Blue Notes
    17. Changes as of September 21, 2004
      1. Added the latest Blue Notes.
    18. Changes as of September 8, 2004
      1. Added September 7 Bluenotes
      2. Removed Chicago Arts Alliance and Northern Trust from the Sponsors Page
      3. Changed the benefit date to April 9, 2004
    19. Changes as of August 29-30, 2004
      1. Added the Membership Brochure to seasons/04-05 and linked to it from members.html (This replaces the link to last year's Minstrel)
    20. Changes Completed August 23, 2004
      1. Put more products in ticket database to separate December and March ticket items
    21. Changes Completed August 22, 2004
      1. R0086 Added ticket ordering system (ticketord.php, ticketemail.php)
    22. Changes Completed August 20, 2004
      1. Added the August Bluenotes with Conductor's Corner to bluenotes.html
      2. Added Benefit Concert date to homepage and to seasons/04-05/top2004.html
    23. Changes Completed August 11, 2004
      1. Added "Sung in the original German" to the summary of the second conert (top2004.html).
    24. Changes Completed August 10, 2004
      1. Changed youth ticket price from $15 to $12
      2. Added season brochure in seasons/04-05 directory and referenced it from tickets
      3. Added message on home page that brochure is available.
      4. Updated people and titles on the about page.
    25. Changes Completed July 10, 2004
      1. Added message of celebration on Dr. Chens 20 years from David Hunt and linked to this message from the Home Page and the relevant May 23, 2004 concert page.
    26. Changes Completed July 9, 2004
      1. Corrected start time for December concert (to 2:30)
      2. Updated the members page with this season's rehearsal schedule and added an additional link to the calendar
      3. Updated the tickets page with new prices and policies.
      4. Created special notice page for price changes.
    27. Changes Completed June 14,2004
      1. R0094 Add programs for 2003-2004 Season Concerts
      2. R0092 Updated leaders on the about page.
    28. Changes Completed June 12, 2004
      1. R0092 Moved 2003-2004 season to past seasons
      2. R0092 Added all the information available for the 2004-2005 season
      3. R0092 Update the home page to highlight the Beethoven Ninth with Chicago Philharmonic
    29. Changes Completed May 5,2004
      1. R0091 Add message for special rehearsal, format blue notes, update calendar for special rehearsal.
    30. Changes Completed April 25,2004
      1. Changed message on home page from April 25 St. Ingatius Concert to May 23 Donald Chen celebration
      2. R0088 Went back to oldest blue notes and cleaned up navigation of left side (Dec 2003, Jan-Feb 2004)
      3. R0046 Brought the noframes part of seasons/index.html up-to-date by eliminating frames (done around Dec 2003). This is just a bookkeeping entry to get change 46 off the changes to-do list.
    31. Changes Completed April 19, 2004
      1. R0087 Added search NSCS Web Site capability to home page (index.html).
      2. R0041 Rejected change request to post history of Web Site statistics (emailed March statistics to NSCS Leaders).
    32. Changes Completed March 22-23,2004
      1. Added the new bluenotes and moved the old ones.
      2. R0034 Posted the final version of the notes for the third concert.
      3. R0051 Add notes for Mozart part of third concert
      4. Added link to Musicam Sacram Choir Concert (remember to remove April 26)
    33. Changes Completed March 15, 2004
      1. R0084 Update concert summary top2003.html to point to program for second concert
      2. R0084 Upload pdf for second concert (pgm022004.pdf)
    34. Changes Completed March 10 and 11, 2004
      1. R0083 Added list of leaders (Board, Chairs, Section Leaders) to about page.
      2. R0083 (March 11) Fixed details including punctuation in the leaders list in about.html.
    35. Changes Completed February 29, 2004
      1. R0046 Cancelled the change to update past seasons no-frames page because frames are no longer used.
      2. R0082 Updated scoll message for the next concert
    36. Changes Completed February 21, 2004
      1. R0080 Changed Blue Notes page to support viewing past blue notes.
      2. R0081 Fixed a wrapping problem in sponsors.html by making a table column wider
    37. Changes Complete January 14, 2004
      1. Posted Blue Notes
      2. Updated ticket prices to include new prices for Children under 12.
    38. Changes Completed January 7 (approx), 2004
      1. Updated all pages except past seasons with new left-hand-side Navigation Information
      2. R0071 Converted Site to Dreamweaver but did not separte changes document into recent and past changes.
      3. R0050 Added notes for second concert
      4. Posted Blue Notes
    39. Changes Completed December 4 and December 14,2003
      1. Add most recent bluenotes
      2. Update all pages (except past seasons) to new format
    40. Changes Completed November 19,2003
      1. Added latest Blue Notes
      2. Put back Italics and Bold in notes for Sprint2004 concert.
    41. Changes Completed November 14,2003
      1. R0051 Added notes for third concert (still need notes for Mozart)
    42. Changes Completed November 9, 2003
      1. Posted the early version of the November 11 Blue Notes.
      2. Updated members pages with "new members information" from November 11 Blue Notes.
    43. Changes Completed November 6 ,2003
      1. Posted the November 5 Blue Notes
      2. R0074 - Made a template with the general manager name/phone number.
      3. R0074 - Applied template to home page and members pages and blue notes page. Will do other pages later.
    44. Changes Completed Oct 29,2003
      1. Update Blue Notes
    45. Changes Completed Oct 22,2003
      1. R0079 Add blue notes
      2. R0078 Fix proportion of logo on first page
    46. Changes Completed October 18, 2003
      1. R0049 Add notes for first concert
    47. Changes Completed September 30,2003
      1. R0077 Made changes needed for new December 7 concert location
        1. Add a special link to the top of the home page (index.html)
        2. Modify the location on the December 7 concert page (seasons/03-04/top2003.html)
        3. Add a new venue to the North Shore Library NSCS Calendar
        4. Change the calendar entry for December 7
        5. Add the Dress Rehearsal Information to the NSCS Calendar
        6. Add the Dress Rehearsal Information to the members page.
    48. Changes Completed September 22-23, 2003
      1. R0075 Sept 22 -Put special annoucement on home page about change in rehearsal venue.
      2. R0076 Sept 23- Remove special annoucement (now that this rehearsal is over)
    49. Changes Completed September 18,2003
      1. R0070 Completed the rest of the changes necessary to update the general manager name.  For future reference the pages changed were:
        1. index.html (home page) -- change was made September 5
        2. contact.html (contact us)
        3. members.html -- changes made September 5
        4. sponsors.html
        5. tickets.php -- change was made September 5 but phone number at bottom of page was not changed
        6. about.html (phone number only)
        7. top2003.html in seasons
      2. R0069 Updated members page after September 9, 2003 to remove season start date
      3. R0073 Removed phone number from past seasons
        1. seasons/00-01/concerts.html
        2. seasons/00-01/fall99.html
        3. seasons/00-01/top2001.html
        4. many others (21 in total)
    50. Changes Completed Septermber 5, 2003
      1. R0070 Changed General Manager name and phone number (Note: Only made changes on home page, members page and tickets page.  Must find all other places and fix them as well (appears these places are sponsors and
      2. R0053 Move Ravinia from front page to past performances (if desired by reviewers)
    51. Changes Completed August 23,2003
      1. R0068 Updated Members page for cancellation of Sept 2, 2003 Rehearsal
    52. Changes Completed August 23, 2003
      1. R00066 Updated Minstrel Newsletter to change Archivist name from Don Draganski to Melinda Kwedar.
    53. Changes Completed August 21,2003
      1. R0067 Posted August Minstrel to the members page.
    54. Changes Completed August 12, 2003
      1. R0065 Update Web Site to match brochure
        1. Update tickets.php to include different advance and at-the-door-prices ($20 at the door)
        2. Updated NSLS calendar to show audition times.
    55. Changes Completed July 21, 2003
      1. R0063 Sent program summaries to Charles Johah of Naperville Chorus for posting on Naperville Web Site.
      2. R0049 (temporary).  Updated fall2003.html to provide a link to the Naperville Chorus notes for Saint Nicolas.
      3. R0064 Make the mission statement stand out.
    56. Changes Completed July 20, 2003
      1. Updated tickets.php to reflect the fact that purchase-in-advnace and at-the-door are now the same price.
    57. Changes Completed July 18.2003 
      1. R0062 Made it easier for potential members to locate audition information
        1. Changed name of link on home page
        2. Moved Web Site Change History Link from members/auditions page to bottom of aboutNSCS page.
      2. R0026 Added our next 3 concerts to the North Shore Suburban Library Calendar System using Admin Tool (Note:  Also added rehearsals and created a link from the members page to the calendar).
      3. R0056 Used better looking Illinois Arts Logo on the home page.  Also created a link to the Illinois Arts Council Web Page (
      1. R0052 Move 2002-2003 concerts into the past performances section
    1. Changes Completed July 16, 2003
      1. R0058 Changed home page to show 68th season
      2. R0055 Changed tickets.php to show new prices
      3. R0048 Updated concert information on this season with notes and most recent information.
      4. R0061 Added the mission statement to the home page
    2. Changes made July 14, 2003
      1. R0049,R0050, R0051 Temporarily inserted dummy pages while waiting for notes.
      2. R0057 Updated Rehearsal and Audition Information to say the Tuesday after Labor Day instead of September 3
    3.  Changes made July 10, 2003
      1. R0048 Added concert information for the 2003-2004 season (summary only)
      2. R0037 North Shore Library fixed the problem of seasons/00-01 and seasons/01-02 not showing up on the direcotry list as a side effect of moving our Web Site to a different server.  Item # 37 is now closed.
      3. Rejected change request "R0046 Bring the noframes part of seasons/index.html up-to-date" since there have been no complaints.  Most browsers in use today support frames.
      4. Rejected change request " R0025 Automate last update date on index.html and potentially other pages" because it only applies to one page and there is little payback for this effort.
    4. Changes made March 24, 2002
      1. R0034.  Updated the notes for the third concert
    5.   Changes made February 7,2003
      1. R0043 Removed reference to Evanston Arts Council from sponsor page
      2. R0044 Removed reference to 8/25/2002 Ravinia Concert from the home page
      3. R0042  Updated tickets page (fix spelling of Full-time Students and update copyright date)
      4. R0045 Added 8/25/2002 Ravinia Concert to Past performances
        1. Added concert to end of 2001-2002 season page - made Ravinia Concerts plural
        2. Updated past performance index in include the 8/25 concert in 2001-2002 season
      5. R0047 Spelled Pastorales correctly on seasons/02-03/top2002.html
      6. R0035 Moved Illinois Arts Council Logo to bottom of home page - restored full size NSCS logo
    6.  Changes made January 21, 2003
      1. R0034 Entered program notes for second concert
      2. R0035 Posted the Illinois Arts Council Logo on home page
      3. R0034 updated summary to reflect changes in second concert
      4. R0039 Moved existing sponsor page to obsolete directory
      5. R0039 Updated sponsor page to remove extraneous links (sponsor.html)
      6. R0039 Updated copyright date on sponsor page - include year 2003
      7. Updated copyright date on home page, 2002-2003 concert page, about page
      8. R0033 Updated about.html to include new picture of NSCS in new concert dress.
      9. R0033  Posted photos with new concert dress  on "about" page.
    7.  Changes made August 19,2002 (14:30)
      1. Fixed top2002.html to eliminate reference to an image that does not belong to the second concert.
    8. Changes made August 19,2002 (11:15 am)
      1. R0030  Add notes for first concert (updated seasons/02-03/fall2002.html with the new notes)
      2. R0036  Add information about August 25 Ravinia Concert
    9.  Changes made August 19, 2002 (10:00 am)
      1. Change all \ to / in address references so MAC browsers will find the links.
    10. Changes made July 11, 2002 and August 14,2002
      1. R0029 - Make changes identified by NSCS members
        1. Update home page for number of years at Ravinia (index.html and seasons/ravinfo.html)
        2. Correct concert date for third concert to June 1 (top2002.html and spring03.html)
        3. Update request list (this document)
        4. Update past performances (R0028)
          1. Update top2001.html to include a separate anchor point for each concert
          2. Update top2001.html to include the Ravinia concert
          3. Add 2001-2002 concerts to past performances frame
          4. Refererence top2001.html from each 2001-2002 concert in past performances
    11. Changes made July 4, 2002 (Update for new season R0027)
      1. Updated Home Page (index.html) for new season.
      2. Updated copyright dates (index.html)
      3. Updated this document (changes.htm)
      4. Created Directory NSCS/seasons/02-03.  (Remember to copy this and all its files to the Web Site)
      5. Updated top2002.html to include the information on the three 2002-2003 concerts.
      6. Updated all program notes documents to state that the real notes will be coming later
        1. fall002.html (Handel November 17)
        2. winter03.html (Music to Delight: A colorful collage)
        3. spring03.html (Music to Move)
      7. Update Members, Tickets and About NSCS pages (R0031)
        1. Remove special pricing for November 2001 concert from tickets.php
        2. Update about.html with changed biographies.
    12. Changes made June 12, 2002
      1. Updated Season on home page to 67th season
      2. Updated NSCS information at
      3. Referenced from the NSCS home page
    13. Changes made April 17, 2002
      1. Added soloists for spring concert top2001.html
      2. Added notes for spring concert spring02.html
    14. Change made March 18, 2002
      1. Changed contact email from Anthony Green to Inge Kistler in contact.htm
      2. Changed contact email in tickets.htm
    15. Changes made December 1, 2001
      1. winter02.html Added program notes for March 17 concert.
      2. images/developmentimages/ .. R0014 .. Placed Mozart and Brahms images in this directory for future use.  These images are in TIF format but should be saved in JPG format in the images directory at a later time before being used on the Web Site
    16. Changes made September 16, 2001
      1. statsum.html, changes.htm R0023. Build statsum.xls.  Derived statsum.html and statsum_files from it and put them in the root directory of the Web Site.  Referenced statsum.html from changes.htm.
    17. Changes made September 10, 2001
      1. list.html  Added July 2, 2000 Ravinia concert under NSCS at Ravinia
      2. ravinia0.html Added July 2,2000 Ravinia concert details (on same page as August 27, 2000 Ravinia concert details
    18. Changes made August 27,2001
      1. list.html, top1999.html, top2000.html R0012: Link to correct spots on concert pages from past performances.  Identify the target spots in the concert description pages
      2. index.html – last maintenance date
    19. Changes made for August 26, 2001
      1. tickets.php R0016.  Recoded tickets information as a single table to avoid alignment problems on some browsers. Made additional explanation changes suggested by TK.
      2. index.html R0017.  Added keywords to home page to help search engines find us. (To see list, select “view source” in IE Browser while looking at our home page.  Look for <meta name=”keywords” ….>
      3. index.html R0009 Added link to Ravinia information
      4. seasons/ravinfo.html R0010 Created Ravinia information page
      5. members.html.  Added link to Web Site Change History.
      6. R0011 list.html Added two more years of historical information (still need to fix links.  See R0012)
      7. …Copied files into correct years in “seasons” directories.  This leaves a small number of duplicate files which will be removed when R0013 is implemented.
    20. Change made August 21, 2001
      1. top2001.html R0022: Fix time for May concert and add “Avenue” in several places.
    21. Changes made August 20, 2001
      1. top2001.html, about.html R0020:  Make minor Editorial changes
    22. Changes made August 19, 2001
      1. top2001.html: Added summary note to the first concert
      2. About.html R0015:  Changed reference to Skokie Symphony to show Resident Guest Conductor title.
      3. Took a snapshot of the home directory and the “seasons” directory on my laptop as of early am August 19.
      4. tickets.php: Remove all references to “reserved seats”
      5. top2001.html R0001:  Added link to fall2001.html for notes for first concert. Added summary descriptions for first and second concerts.
      6. fall2001.html R0002:  Loaded notes for fall concert.  Inserted NSCS logo.
      7. top2001.html.  R0003 Add link for notes for the third concert.  Add summary paragraph for third concert.
      8. winter02.html, spring02.html R0004: Created “dummy” notes pages to receive program notes once these notes become available.  Put temporary text with a good description of Jonah and the Whale into spring02. 
      9. spring02.html R0019:  Updated with notes for Randall Thompson by taking text from
      10.  about.html and index.html.  R0008:   Took information from brochure updated  about.html with full brochure text.  Selected a subset that fit on the home page and update the home page.  Included the Ravinia information on the home page. Note: Still plan to link further Ravinia information in the future to the home page when changes R0009 and R0010 are implemented
      11. about.html R0005: Updated Sharon’s bio (Include organist at North Park Covenant Church)
      12. about.html R0006: Updated Don’s bio  (Include Principal Guest Conductor of the Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra)
      13. member.html R0007: Updated member page with audition information and rehearsal locations for September and October and beyond.
      14. All pages changed since 8/12/2001  R0016:  Went through all source code and changed links containing “\” to “/” so that non-Microsoft machine will be able to follow the links. 
    23. Changes made August 16,2001
      1. Moved winter02.html to the proper directory.  Deleted it from the wrong one.  This fixes to link for the notes for the second concert.
      2. Deleted the extra copy of top2001.html that was used for review.
      3. Deleted obsolete versions of 2000-2001 concert information (over0001, 2,3.html).  Kept the current version over0004.html.
      4.  Changed the HREF on tickets.php so that clicking on the icon in the upper left corner will send you back to the home page.
      5. Modified tickets.php for new prices and new concert date and new price for seniors
      6. Modified top2001.html to change Dodge Street to Dodge Avenue.
      7. Built this page (changes.htm)
    24. Before August 14, 2001 - initial load of 2001-2002 concert season
      1. Modified home page.  New copyright dates.  Replaced Ravinia pointer with 2001-2002 season pointer. Changed Season number to sixty-six.
      2. Created "top2001.html" page for 2001-2002 season.  Included links to Deutches Requiem excerpts.  Added initial soloist information.
      3. Created new directories to hold 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 information
      4. Copied entire Web Site contents to my laptop for off-line updating purposes.
  2. Changes not made
    1. R0040 Consider adding an adjective before "Four Pastorales" for second concert top2002.html. (rejected 02/07/2003).
    2. R0032  Obtain CD and put Peaceable Kingdom "clip" on the Web Site (rejected 02/07/2003 - will consider again if there is an approved a cappella clip)
    3. R0046 Bring the noframes part of seasons/index.html up-to-date (Actually implemented this later in 2003 by getting rid of frames)
    4. R0025 Automate last update date on index.html and potentially other pages
    5. R0041 Post history of Web Site statistics (rejected 04/19/2004).
    6. R0023 Summarize the statistics files that have accumulated on our server for internal NSCS use (rejected 04/25/2004) will report statistics in a monthly email.